Innovatec DWC-LLC

Whether your wrapping candies or lollipops, chocolates or fudge we have a wrapping solution. Our range of wrapping machinery includes bagging lines, flow wrap machines, twist wrappers, cut and wrap machines and more. We can supply with various feed systems for various product types.

Cut and Wrap Machine (C&FW800)
800 pieces per minute cut and wrap machine suitable for chewing gums, soft caramels, candies.
Machine features include rope sizing, cutting, single or double paper wrapping.

Special Features

  • Programmable controller
  • Automatic splicer
  • Servo driven wrapping material feeding and compensation
  • No candy no paper, automatic stop when jam appears

Wrapping Materials

  • Wax paper
  • Aluminium paper
  • PET

Machine Dimensions

  • Length 1668mm
  • Width 1710mm
  • Height 1977mm