Innovatec DWC-LLC

Various outputs available from 150kg per hour up to 450kg per hour. The line consists of a dissolving continuous vacuum jacketed rotor cooker, candy depositing with stripes or centres and cooling.

Fully automatic hard candy/soft candy/lollipop depositing production line.


  • One row of moulds: 150kg per hour
  • Two rows of moulds 300kg per hour
  • Three rows of moulds 450kg per hour
  • Four rows of moulds 600kg per hour

The lines can be made in the following formats:

  1. Hard candies in various configurations (solid, stripes, soft centres, two-colour).
  2. Three dimensional lollipops in various configurations (solid, stripped, small soft centres, two-colour).
  3. Deposited soft candies with centres.

The line is controlled via a PLC and touch screen control. Fully automatic production line from high boiled sugar cooking to cooling.

Specifications on a typical 300kg per hour line:

  • Manufacturing speed: 55–88 stroke/min
  • Candy shape: As per buyer’s option.
  • Steam consumption: 400kg/hour
  • Pressure: 0.4–0.7MPa
  • Voltage: 380V
  • Power: 30kW
  • Compressed air consumption: 0.3 M3/min
  • Environment of workshop temp: 20-25˚
  • Humidity: 55%
  • Overall machine size: 16m(L) x 2m(W) x 2.7m(H)
  • Weight: 5000kg

Production Flow

Sugar melting, syrup store, cooking syrup, colour and flavour/acid mixing, depositing, cooling, wrapping, bagging. We can supply A-Z: shipped, installed, commissioned, staff trained.

Main machine list:

  • One jacketed steam pan with overdriven stirring gear.
  • One syrup transfer gear pump.
  • One storage tank.
  • One continuous jacketed rotor cooker with vacuum.
  • One candy depositing machine with colour/flavour/acid mixer and two colour hopper for stripes.
  • One full set of Teflon coated candy/lollipop (Silicone for soft candy) depositing moulds, 190 moulds per lane.
  • One cooling unit with de-moulding system.

For the wrapping we suggest twist wrapping or mini wrap wrapping to bag the candies you can use our vertical form fill and seal bagging lines.

A laboratory candy depositor is also available for very small or trial production. Please contact us for details on lollipop depositing production.