Innovatec DWC-LLC

Two-piece can is a metal container consisted of can head (roof, the same below) and seamless can body with bottom. Can body of such metal container forms setting shape by way of drawing. The molding process of such cup-shaped container belongs to punching process, so two-piece cans is called punching can usually. Two-piece punching can is divided into stretch can and ironing can, which can be divided into shallow stretch can and deep stretch can.


  • Consists of empty can unpiler, empty can conveyor, punching machine, filling machine, sealing machine,  tunnel sterilization cooler, liquid level detection machine, inkjet printer, full can conveyor, packing machine, palletizing machine, control system and a set of filling and packaging line.


  • Film wrapping machine, box transiting machine, film winding machine.


  • Available supply capacity from 3000 bottles/h to 48000 bottles/h.

Available supply capacity from 3000 bottlesh to 48000 bottlesh